# Questions and Answers

# Q:What’s People’s Punk?

A:People’s Punk is a next-generation social network based on the NFT community co-sponsored by 173 initiators. The market cap of People’s Punk is based on the fractionalized Cryptopunk#173, which is a indicator that measures the social capital of this social network.

# Q:What is the $DDDD token?

A:$DDDD is the fractionalized token of Cryptopunk#173 and the token of People’s Punk social network.

# Q:How can I purchase $DDDD?

A:You can purchase $DDDD tokens at Uniswap.

Contract address: 0x8ca9a0fbd8db501f013f2e9e33a1b9dc129a48e0

uniswap (opens new window)

# Q:How much $DDDD will be circulating in total?

A:1,000,000,000 $DDDD tokens in total.

# Q: In discord,How can I verify the identity?

  • Possess over 4M of $DDDD tokens to get legendmember logo.

  • Click #✅verification , enter !join,@Collab.land to send a private message automatically. Connect to the wallet that possesses the $DDDD address for the verification.

# Q:How can I check the price of $DDDD?

A: Check The Price (opens new window)

# Q:How to become part of People's Punk

Twitter (opens new window) Discord (opens new window)

# Q:How To Make A Meme?

Free Online Meme Generator.

https://www.remove.bg/upload (opens new window)

https://imgflip.com/memegenerator (opens new window)

https://photomosh.com/ (opens new window)

https://www.iloveimg.com/compress-image (opens new window)